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“Grandma’s Bag of Stories” by Sudha Murty is a heartwarming collection of tales that takes readers on a journey through the enchanting world of a grandmother’s storytelling. The book revolves around a brother and sister, Anand and Deepu, who visit their grandparents’ house during their school vacations. Each day, their wise and loving grandmother, fondly called Ajji, pulls out a different item from her magical bag, which holds a captivating story within. From brave princesses to mischievous monkeys, each story imparts valuable lessons and morals. As Anand and Deepu immerse themselves in the tales, they learn important life lessons about kindness, honesty, and the power of determination. Sudha Murty’s storytelling prowess shines through in this delightful book, capturing the essence of the bond between grandparents and grandchildren while igniting a love for stories and wisdom.

Book Review

“Grandma’s Bag of Stories” by Sudha Murty is a truly delightful book that holds a special place in my heart. As I turned the pages, I found myself transported back to my own childhood, reminiscing about the magical moments spent with my own grandparents. Sudha Murty’s storytelling prowess shines through in each tale, captivating both young and old readers alike.

The stories in the book are not just entertaining,they are filled with valuable life lessons and timeless wisdom. The characters come alive through the pages, and I found myself rooting for them, laughing with them, and learning from them. Sudha Murty’s writing style is simple, yet profound, making it accessible to readers of all ages.

What truly makes this book extraordinary is the strong bond between the grandchildren and their grandmother, Ajji. It reminded me of the warmth, love, and wisdom that grandparents bring into our lives. The magical bag that Ajji carries is a beautiful metaphor for the treasure trove of stories that grandparents possess and pass on to their grandchildren.

Reading “Grandma’s Bag of Stories” is not just an enjoyable experience; it is a journey of nostalgia, warmth, and life lessons. It celebrates the power of storytelling, family, and the timeless values that shape our lives. This book is a treasure to be cherished and shared with generations to come, reminding us of the importance of our roots and the wisdom that can be found within the stories of our elders.

AuthorSudha Murty
No of Pages176
Genre Kids
Published ByPenguin Random House India
Published On2012

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